With our vast experience in application development, we understand the needs of the users and their behavior. We will tackle any size project and help you focus it. We insure you have the proper framework to achieve your goals through comprehensive architecture review. We help clients design simple, reliable and intuitive user interfaces for applications across all platforms.
Based on visual and interactive designs by other team members, our UI engineers develop prototypes of user interfaces using HTML, CSS and JS libraries.
There are three key considerations for an effective UI design:

  • Usability: Does it enable the user to complete tasks?
  • Aesthetics: How are things presented? Do all UI components convey their meaning?
  • Performance: It’s not just about the speed and reliability. How often does the application

Our service offerings​

cover every step in the User Experience Studio

Designing intuitive and engaging user flows and visuals while delivering service functionality requires special delicacy at all stages of design lifecycle.
To highlight how the application could best engage with the end users and to evaluate its potential impact, Sumato solutions work in a collaborative workspace to implement a visual storyboards approach – sketching out early design concepts on paper and creating wireframes around key user personas.

Delivering an attractive and engaging user experience is not just about creating pixel perfect
designs in Photoshop® and Illustrator®, but about how they work together as a system.
We have four key points for this:

  • Adoption Rate
  • User Satisfaction
  • Development Costs
  • Training Time

Sumato Solutions has the expertise to help you create the most attractive and engaging services that will delight your end users. With product development specialists in the team we know how today consumer devices & services work is together.